Hello, my name is Domino and everyone tells me how beautiful I am, so I must be! I have been neutered, so thank goodness no kittens for me! I am a real indoor cat and love to sit by the fire or on your knee. I am very generous, I will allow you to stroke me all day. Purrrrr. As I am a long haired you will have to groom me, I cannot groom myself!
When you adopt me I will have to stay indoors for at least three weeks, so I get to know my environment and then when I do venture out into the big, wide world, I will be able to use my senses to get back home. So excited to say the word ‘home’, can’t wait. I have some lovely cat friends at Mayo SPCA and it would be nice if you would consider maybe getting a little friend for me, just a thought. If you would like to meet me please phone and make an appointment.

If you can offer me a home, please contact us on here.

Please contact us on 087 100 4505 or email us Here