I have been given the name Ebony, as my colour is black. I believe my mum and dad were a Spaniel and a Setter. This must be where I get my beautiful, elegant looks, my medium build and wonderful stance from. I think I am about two and a half years old, though, I don’t ever remember having a birthday party! It is not until I came to Mayo SPCA, that I realised dogs shouldn’t be treated the way I have been treated. I really don’t understand how some people can be so cruel!! I am very thin, as I wasn’t given any food and I have lots of wounds down one side of me, where they used to beat me. I find it too sad to talk about, but they will tell you all about my life at Mayo SPCA.
Anyway, on a brighter note, being positive and looking forward, I have to let you know that I am more than ready for my forever home, and of course a secure garden!!
I have a wonderful, kind, soft nature, I love lots of cuddles and I walk really well on a lead. I would like a family who have teenagers, as I get on well with them. I am not too sure about cats and dogs, so maybe I would need to be on my own. As I said, I am ready for my new home and looking forward to meeting you. Please phone and make an appointment to meet me. Don’t forget, my name is Ebony.