A Big Thank You to the Department of Agriculture

We want to extend our gratitude to the Department of Agriculture for the Grant we received last year. As a voluntary organisation, we rely a lot on fundraising which can fluctuate depending on the time of year or peoples’ availability. Having the grant gives us some much needed security and allows us to pay off some vet bills which are of course a constant and necessary expense. It also helps us to make a little headway into the enormous need to do some TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) in various areas to help the ongoing situation of cats and kittens suffering in ever increasing cat colonies.

The money also helps in situations where an animal comes into our care and, as a result of cruelty or extreme neglect, needs a lot of intervention from the vet…another necessary but hard to anticipate expense.

All of this isn’t taking into account the day to day running of the shelter but with the help given, we have more confidence in meeting the needs of the animals in our care.

So, thank you so much once again to the Department of Agriculture and we look forward to continuing to work with you.


Our beautiful Dylan (Doodles) came into our lives December 5th 2014 and left us May 1st 2019. During his time with us he stole our hearts. Dylan you will never be forgotten your are in our hearts forever. Sleep well our little man xx

Sabi-In Memorium

Jacqueline writes about her beautiful dog, Sabi who sadly died late February 2019:

Sabi was an exceptional dog and was not only Man’s Best Friend. She was friends with humans and animals alike. We got her from Marian 11 years ago and didn’t look back.

Sabi passed away on the 27th February 2019. She was 14 or 15 years old. Life will never again be the same without her.

Rest in Peace Sabi and our huge condolences to your wonderful human and canine family xx

Junior Art/Story Competition

We are delighted to announce that our Story/Art competition is launched and we are looking for entries from our Junior Members using the theme of “My Pet and Me”.

Junior Membership costs just €5 a year and allows you to be an important part of our work. If you PM our facebook page or ring 0868032592, we’ll arrange membership for you.

You can take or draw us a picture and write a brief story about your pet and your entry can be dropped into Ballyhaunis Vet Clinic on Main Street, Ballyhaunis.

The closing date will be April 1st 2019!

Using the format from the photo below, please write at the top of your entry: your name, age, membership number, address and your pet’s name and age. Underneath that, your story or picture, using the back of your page if you need to!

A prize winner will be chosen from three categories: 8 years and under, 8-12 years old and 12-16 years old. The prize will be a personalised T-shirt of you and your pet!

Best of luck! We look forward to hearing about your pets!

Toby’s Dog Blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to my ‘Dog Blog’!

I’m Toby and I’m a beagle-sort of. I’m a permanent resident at the Mayo SPCA shelter and I more or less run the place-with a bit of help from Marian and the other volunteers.

I’m the caretaker, watchdog, welcoming committee, eyes, ears, nose, clown, foodie expert, food taster (I even help the cats tidy up their dishes), chair warmer, general dog’s body, and I also work at putting everyone in a good mood!  Chris says that I should add ‘dressage’ to my CV and Job Description as I’ve perfected the art of walking backwards-especially when Mo is carrying sausages and I don’t want them to get away without me!

I’m also pretty tolerant of the other inhabitants like cats, kittens, bunny rabbits, other dogs (less important than me) and puppies!  Oh yes, and of course people.  These people come in all shapes, sizes and ages but have one thing in common and that is that they are all volunteers.  Cool, hey!

What I’m hoping to add to my CV is a quarterly update on what’s going on at the Mayo SPCA shelter.  I really would love to hear from you too!

Let’s start with our Junior Membership section which is for kids aged up to 16. 

For just €5 a year you can be a very important part of the MSPCA and know that you’re playing your part in caring for animals who have been dumped, starved, abandoned, neglected, lost or are victims of cruelty.  Wouldn’t that be something very special?  In return you’ll have the love and gratitude of all the animals at the shelter and you can also find out different ways that you can get involved and help us in the running of the shelter and raising funds to keep caring for all our four-legged friends. 

You can even get to meet me!

There is going to be a competition for kids only, where you can win very special prizes for you and your pet.  So come and join us and meet me, Toby, and my friend Cara and all the creatures great and small at Mayo SPCA!

Sugar and Spice

These two lovely girls are looking for their forever home with an experienced owner.  They are happy, healthy and well socialised!

Please ring 0868032592 to arrange to meet them!


Bear is looking for a new home through no fault of his own.  He needs to be homed with older children only and needs someone with a good knowledge of his breed.

Please ring 0868032592 for more information or to arrange to meet this gorgeous boy:)

The Famous Five (now Four!)

These kittens are part of a litter of five, one of which has a home already.  Their mother is quite wild but these little ones are happy and friendly as a result of being loved in the shelter from a young age.  They are ready to find their forever homes:)

Please ring 0868032592 for further information