Our beautiful Dylan (Doodles) came into our lives December 5th 2014 and left us May 1st 2019. During his time with us he stole our hearts. Dylan you will never be forgotten your are in our hearts forever. Sleep well our little man xx

Sabi-In Memorium

Jacqueline writes about her beautiful dog, Sabi who sadly died late February 2019:

Sabi was an exceptional dog and was not only Man’s Best Friend. She was friends with humans and animals alike. We got her from Marian 11 years ago and didn’t look back.

Sabi passed away on the 27th February 2019. She was 14 or 15 years old. Life will never again be the same without her.

Rest in Peace Sabi and our huge condolences to your wonderful human and canine family xx


This is beautiful Tsoko and her loving family wrote a wonderful tribute to her.  We are all really sorry for your loss and hope that the lovely memories will be a comfort in times to come:

Tsoko was a beautiful, loyal, and loving cat. She seemed to either make everybody smile or make everyone get mad. She was a cheeky cat, always whining for food! I have experienced many enjoyable moments with her, but my favourite of all was when she hid in the pile of toys I had made. She was just peeking out, making all of us laugh. Through tears and laughter, she has always been there for me. Both friend and foe will miss her. Thank you Tsoko for a life of love. At the age of sixteen, I hope you Rest In Peace.