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Mammy (Gabby) and her 3 little kittens were found straying by a very kind man. He saw that Gabbys eye was in a terrible condition and brought mum and babies to the Animal Hospital.
This man brought home the 3 kittens while Gabby received the medical attention she so badly needed. Unfortunately Gabbys eye had to be removed.
Once Gabby had recovered from her operation we took her and her 3 babies in. Two of her kittens have been adopted so we are looking for a home for the last baby Binxy and for Gabby. They can be homed together or individually.
Binxy is a male kitten and is 3 months old. He will need to be kept indoors until he is neutered and then he can have access to outdoors. He is a little sleepy head that has bursts of playful energy and is a great boy.
Gabby is only 1 year old herself and was an amazing mum to her 3 kittens. She will be spayed so that she never has to worry about babies any more. She is a gorgeous cat. Very gentle. Very settled. Loves a cuddle and a run and then she is happy to just relax and take it easy.
If you would like to offer Binxy or Gabby a home
please email us at or call 086 8032592. Please include your name, telephone number, email and what cat you are interested in adopting