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Coco & Chanel

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Coco and Chanelle are a pair of female kittens that are around 6 months old. They are simply adorable 🥰
They are such playful kittens. They bounce around together with so much enthusiasm until they both collapse with tiredness. And then they snuggle up together and have a great sleep until the next play break starts🤣
These kittens are extremely bonded to each other and will only be rehomed together as a pair. They will provide hours of laughs and entertainment for everyone in the home.
They will need to be kept strictly indoors for the next month or so until they are old and big enough to be spayed and at that point they can have access to outdoors.
If you would like to offer Coco and Chanelle a home together please email us at or call 086 8032592. Please include your name, telephone number, email and what animal you are interested in adopting