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5 Ways to Help Mayo SPCA Today (that don’t involve money)

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Ever found yourself scrolling through our Facebook page, checking out the cute little kitties and pups and wishing you could help each and every one find the forever home they deserve? Do you love to feel like you’re helping but you’re short on funds and unable to travel to our shelter to volunteer in person? We get it. Times are tight for everyone. Maybe you already donate to a few worthy charities and have little left at the end of the month. But what if we told you there are ways you can help Mayo SPCA without even putting your hand in your pocket? Still interested? Read on!

1 Do a little research!

Before you reach out to us for our services, do a little research. A lot of animal welfare questions are easily answered with a quick Google search. Researching the situation you find yourself in before you decide to contact us will free up the SPCA phone line for emergencies which might be life threatening for a litter of kittens or an abandoned pup. Although we love to hear from you, all of our staff are volunteers. They juggle their responsibilities with the non-profit SPCA with their own lives, dropping everything and rising to the occasion when these vulnerable animals need them most. Learn to assess the situation you come across and determine the right course of action before you make contact. Remember, only take advice from reputable institutions like other SPCAs, and look out for our upcoming new series of blogs entitled ‘Help!’ which may guide you to decide what is best!

2 Donate your time!

Have you ever considered donating a little time out of your day to help us at the shelter? Volunteers are welcome everyday from 10-1pm and 3-6pm. There are many tasks waiting for you, from cleaning kennels to exercising dogs and puppies, playing with the kittens, feeding and cleaning out litter trays. These animals need socialisation before they can be rehomed and that means getting used to people. If you are short on cash but eager to help us at the SPCA, what better way to spend a few hours a month helping the helpless and getting free cuddles in return?!

3 Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Clearing out your closet or hot press in preparation for the winter weather? Tired of tripping over that pile of old blankets, worn towels and unused rugs? Consider donating these fabrics to our shelter! We gladly accept old blankets, towels and second-hand dog beds to accommodate our furry friends and keep them housed in the luxury the deserve during their time at the shelter. Please ensure all donations are clean, dry and not soiled. We also appreciate donations of old newspapers, potty training all these puppies is a messy business!

4 Volunteer with us!

Mayo SPCA is currently seeking dedicated volunteers to help across multiple roles in the charity. If you would like to volunteer with us, and are available to fulfil around 10 hours a week, we may have a role for you. From computer admin to dog walking, our shelter needs all the help we can get, and having you as a dedicated volunteer will make a huge difference to the workload, freeing up some hands for other necessary tasks and will help us improve our services to the community. After all, that’s why we are here! We would especially love to hear from those with admin skills and experience to help organise our office.

5 Spread the word!

Looking for something you can do RIGHT NOW to help us at Mayo SPCA? Like and share this and our other posts on social media. The more interaction we get online, the higher our page ranks, and more people sharing our posts means more people get to see what we do, how we do it. If you are passionate about animal welfare and believe animals deserve respect and love, spread the word and let your friends know what we are all about. More fans of our page means more awareness of our cause… you get it!
So, do you still want to help us achieve our goals? Donating time and resources is just as important to our charitable organisation as donating cash. With great ideas like these that really make a difference to our cause, what are you waiting for?!

Post By Elizabeth Bradshaw