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Well …… we couldn’t be happier to post this family. Most of you will remember them as the bucket babies 😔 as mum and her 4 babies were found in a sealed container with no food and water. We have now renamed them ‘The Gem Family’ 💎
It has been a long intensive journey to get them to a healthy state – but with the exceptional dedication of a few of our volunteers, they are finally well and happy. Isn’t is amazing to see the before and after transformation 💖
The kittens are 3 months old.
We have 3 girls – Jade, Amber and Ruby and one boy – Onyx. All of the kittens will need indoor homes for the next few months until they are big enough to be spayed/neutered.
We would really love to see the kittens adopted in pairs. They have had such a traumatic start in life that it would be lovely for them to have each other to help adapt to the change and adjustment of settling into a new home. They will also need some time and patience to allow them to adjust at their own pace.
Mum (Sapphire) is about 1 year old and will also need time and patience to adapt to a new environment. She is extremely protective of her babies here at the centre and who could blame her after their start in life. She is starting to learn that not all humans are bad and is beginning to trust those volunteers that have been with her regularly. She really needs a patient and understanding owner
If you would like to offer Sapphire, Amber, Ruby, Jade or Onyx a home please email us at or call 086 8032592. Please include your name, telephone number, email and what animal you are interested in adopting