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Avoid Going To The Vet With Your Dog This Easter!

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• Never feed your dog chocolate intended for humans.
• Keep your chocolate in a safe place – this means hidden out of sight and unavailable to your dog.

• If your egg (or any chocolate) is missing and you suspect that your dog is the culprit, contact your vet straight away.
• Look out for any of the following symptoms; vomiting containing blood, a sore tummy, excessive thirst, excitability, drooling, rapid heart rate and in severe cases, epileptic-type fits.
• If your dog is displaying any of these signs then take him immediately to your vet.
• There is no antidote for theobromine poisoning with treatment being symptomatic. Therefore the sooner treatment is implemented, the greater the chance of recovery.
• If you want to treat your dog this Easter, stick to natural doggy snacks that are kinder to your canine.

• For a simple yet tasty alternative treat for your pet, why not give Dog’s Trust doggie ice cream recipe a whirl? Simply blend 3 ripe bananas, 80ml natural yogurt, 5 tablespoons of peanut butter and pop into ice cube trays or Kong’s for freezing – simple!

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