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FAWN – Cruelty

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In January 2016 Fawn was found by a member of the public in a dreadful emaciated state. She was very distressed and very sick. On further investigation, it was discovered that Fawn had been shot in the face and eyes, resulting in her losing her eyesight.
Fawn was a broken soul who was absolutely terrified of everything. Here was a once healthy young dog, now reduced to a shivering, shaking wreck.
After months of veterinary care, lots of loving care by Marian and the volunteers at the kennels, she began to grown stronger and became happy and playful. Over the months she grew stronger in herself, she loves human company, even though it was a so called human that caused her so much suffering. She is very forgiving. Fawn walks well on a lead, even though she is blind, all her other senses are finally tuned and she can get about ok.