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We would like to introduce you to Lady and Rusty. Two beautiful female foxhounds 🥰🥰
Lady and Rusty came from the same place as Denny. They are also between 3 and 4 years of age and are possibly his sisters. We can only assume they have had the same experience as Denny has. No experience of kindness and starved 😟
They were extremely thin when they arrived and were so hungry. Just like Denny they have a beautiful gentle temperament. It never ceases to amaze us how these dogs trust again after all they have been through.
Lady and Rusty are extremely bonded and will only be rehomed together. They curl up together all the time and sleep together.
We feel that they may be best suited initially to a very secure, safe and sheltered outdoor home -like a large shed or garage. Depending on how that goes they could transition to an indoor home.
They love their walks. Rusty trots along like a little pony with his head high up in the air sniffing the breeze. He is as light as a feather on the leash.
Lady is the complete opposite. Her nose is stuck to the ground following whatever scent that has caught her fancy and she pulls a little on the leash but nothing that a harness doesn’t help with.
As they are both fox hounds they will need plenty of daily exercise and space to have a good sniffy walk. Rusty is prone to the odd howl or two to remind you that it’s dinner time 🧆which to him can be multiple times a day 😋
They get on great with other dogs. They need someone who is prepared to spend time on all aspects of training with them. A secure garden is a MUST as they are likely to follow their noses and could end up anywhere!
If you would like to offer Lady & Rusty a home together please email us at or call 086 8032592. Please include your name, telephone number, email and what animal you are interested in adopting