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Maddie was brought to us as a stray and
gave birth within days of arrival. She was skin and
bone and must have given all she had left to her
They were so tiny when they were born but with lots of regular feeding, mum and all the little ones have come on so well.
Maddie has been a super mother to her kittens and
it’s time for them all to find a place to call home.
Maddie is quite reserved but we feel that she is in
mama protect mode and she will relax more when
she knows all her babies are safe. She will need time to adapt to a home environment and patience to learn she is safe and loved.
Marble is a little boy and inky and domino are girls.
They will all need inside homes only until they are
large enough to be spayed/neutered. They are
extremely well socialised, playful and will make great family pets.
If you would like to offer Maddie, Inky, Domino or
Marble a home please email us at or call 086 8032592. Please include your name, telephone number, email and what animal you are interested in adopting